【Weekly Report】2019W12

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1. EOSIO.CDT Version 1.6.0 Released

Two new libraries have been added to EOSIO.CDT in this release: softfloat and compiler-rt. These can be used with the flag use-rt to produce a binary that doesn’t import the compiler-rt intrinsics. This is useful for generating WebAssembly that is more self-contained. This will be more useful when wasm-ql arrives and future WASM modes are added. #325


For a full list of updates made in this release, please refer to the Summary of Changes in EOSIO.CDT 1.6.0 in detail on Github.


2. EOSREX.IO Beta Now Available on Jungle

EOSREX.IO offers the first community-developed user interface to the EOS REX smart contract, where, upon Mainnet launch, EOS tokenholders will be able to lend EOS tokens into a pool of lendable EOS resources to earn a share of the pool’s income; and users in need of CPU or NET will be able to borrow such resources for renewable periods of 30 days in exchange for a rent payment determined by the Bancor algorithm.

3. Bancor’s New Unified Wallet Is Live

The user experience of the new Bancor Wallet resembles that of Coinbase and other popular custodial wallets in that users can manage and convert tokens in a slick, intuitive app. But behind the scenes, users of the Bancor Wallet transact directly with smart contracts on the blockchain and remain in full control of their funds and private keys at all times.

Bancor charges no fees for transfers in and out of the wallet or for its built-in token conversions, which occur instantly and are processed fully on-chain, ensuring faster, cheaper and more predictable conversions. Existing Bancor Wallet users need only upgrade their wallets to access the unified experience. New users can sign up via SMS, Telegram or FB Messenger and easily import their ERC20 and EOS tokens into the wallet.

4. Wanchain Announced It Will Integrate With EOS Platform

Wanchain’s next blockchain bridge will be #EOS! This integration is already in-progress and will be complete in Q2, making EOS and its powerful network of dApps fully inter-operable with the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.


1. Introducing EOS Talkchain

EOS Talkchain is where top experts currently based on Telegram and YouTube can come together to host TV news-style discussion and debate in front of the entire Community. I believe turning Telegram text into interactive TV news has the potential to solve voter apathy, and the beauty is, no one has to travel or even schedule a meeting, the experience is entirely asynchronous. EOS Talkchain will not replace Telegram, it occupies a meta-layer above all the Telegram channels, one capable of aggregating and integrating all the details into news people can understand and feed back on. For more on Talkchain, please take a look at the Talkchain White Paper.

2. Create the EOS/IOST/BOS Account through PayPal on TokenPocket

TokenPocket has supported create the EOS/IOST/BOS account through PayPal, So far you can create the account through PayPal, Alipay, friend and contract on TokenPocket. Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play.

3. BOS Security-vulnerabilities and Threat-intelligence Bounty Programme

The SlowMist Security Team will confirm the threat intelligence report from the “SlowMist Zone”, follow up, evaluate the problem, and feed the intelligence back to the BOS Developer Group contact person in the meantime. After the reporter confirms that the security problem is repaired, the BOS Developer Group technical team will inform the SlowMist Security Team of the conclusion and the vulnerability score. They will issue rewards with the SlowMist Security Team.

4. Trust Protocol

Trust Protocol is an EOS-based protocol to help Dapps scale. The mission of Trust Protocol is to bring more people to EOS ecosystem by supporting more EOS Dapps to scale.


The core of Trust Protocol is an on-chain/off-chain hybrid infrastructure that can take advantage of the strengths of EOS blockchain, while improve its weakness. The key actions (generating random results, mining tokens, etc) in the Dapp will be recorded on blockchain, while other minor actions will be off-chain. This also help developers to save CPU cost.


1. PlayerOne, The Platform!

PlayerOne is building a gamer identity protocol to standardize player profiles to support all activities within and surrounding the gaming industry by implementing blockchain technology.

PlayerOne will become the global standard of gamer identities, how they are searched and verified, and where PlayerOne tokens can be utilized as a universal gaming currency.

2. ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet – EOS airdrop for all new coldwallet users

Currently, ELLIPAL has already shipped to 40 countries worldwide and has been accepted widely by many users and investors! ELLIPAL now already supports the 20 TOP mainstream cryptocurrencies and all ERC20, TRC10 and TRC20 Tokens.

As appreciation to all the support, ELLIPAL is giving out 10,000 EOS in a limited time! Buy a new ELLIPAL hardware wallet from March 18th to 31st and we will send 5 EOS to you! (We will keep sending until we are out of EOS)

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